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LED street lamp is different from conventional street lamp, LED light source USES low voltage dc power supply, GaN based power type blue LED and yellow synthesis of efficient white light, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color index unique advantages, can be widely used in the road.
LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, which irradiate the light of LED street lamp to the required lighting area, further improving the lighting efficiency, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
50 Watt LED Street Light Super Bright 2,700 Lumens Ip66. is the most popular solar Light in the market now. The product has the characteristics of long life and High energy efficiency. 50W all in one solar area light has the lighting effect of 100w traditional Light bulb, saving more than 70~80% of power compared with traditional Light bulb.
50 Watt LED Street Light Super Bright 2,700 Lumens Ip66.All in one solar street light is now widely used in garden,school, parking lot,street area etc.Fashionable and beautiful design can integrate with the surrounding environment to provide sufficient lighting effect and make your outdoor environment more beautiful.
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