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Further to initial review after a few days ownership what's changed? :)

Nothing, car is still on the move and has been abroad (France) and performed very well in the wet weather :D. Consumption is between 33 and 37 MPG since 1st Sept 2012 to date with high of 42 :confused:.

There are no changes to the review as still enjoying the experience.:)

Will also attempt to use the NISSAN tow bar for 1st time, only a small garden trailer of rubbish - but got to start somewhere :p:p

Next plans are another trip to France / Belgium :eek: and one via british motorways to North of Scotland this year :eek::eek:.

Will let you all know the outcome of these trips.

One major downside is only being able to drive in evenings and at weekends due to work :(

OldBoy 57 (and not age).
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