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First post and sorry but it's a bit of a moan!

I got a Tekna back in April, and have enjoyed having it. But as the weather worsens so does my opinion of it. Automatic wipers that are fine as long as there is no sign of rain. I find myself wishing for heavier rain so I can turn them on properly, rather than fine rain where I'm constantly having to manually fire the wipers. What problem are auto-wipers solving that weren't covered by intermittent wipers?

Does the temperature need to flash to tell me there is potentially ice on the road? I really don't need to be distracted every time I look at the dashboard, would an ice crystal icon be beyond their capability? That was fixed by the application of duct tape. Yeah, brilliant safety feature that!

Air con, why do I have to keep turning it off if I decide to change the air flow to blow across the screen? Do Nissan think I'm capable of reaching to press a button to change the air flow, but am too stupid to press a second button if I need to demist the windscreen?

I knew about the no spare tyre but now the other things are starting to bug me that is coming back to annoy and convincing me I need to be rid of this car as soon as possible.
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