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Hi Guys,Its a long while since I posted but I thought i would give potential owners and those new to the forum a bit of an update on my Juke experience 2 years on with a 1.6 petrol Acenta Sport and some recommendations annotated by *.
1.Dealership Richard Saunders Nissan Kettering are OK. I have registered the paint issue on the front bumper and whilst i know their is a fix for this they have never contacted me to recall the car to rectify the fault. This makes me think a little that they are keen to sell but follow up care is not so important. Jo Simms the sales exec there is great even at launch sorted me a good discount.
2.Bodywork. Their are a few areas the outside of the car is weak. The black sill trim scuffs easily especially if you have kids and bumper trim does not polish this out. The same trim near the rear wheel arches at the rear of the back doors gets pitted if you live in the country. The lower front doors can get stone chipped. * I would recommend and in future have mudguards.* The radiator is prone to stone chips as their is no mesh grill protecting it. After 2 years I have the odd stone chip but the bodywork is surprisingly resilient to car park dings. The rear bumper is prone to scratches when loading unloading *any bumper trim would help this*. I would not pick force red in future but white or silver. Force red looks great when clean but only when really clean. *Silver or white are easier to maintain with less effort and look great*. The under body silver heat reflective tray can work loose and causes a terrible vibration when at about 60 mph, I can only describe this as a fizzing sound. Tightening a few screw clips sorts this.
Engine. I have never reset the ECON gauge since I bought the car new and two years on after 13500 miles mainly 12 mile country round trips the MPG average is 36.7. This is a country trip between my village and the nearest town. I had to put a litre of oil in at about 6000 miles. It is a noisy engine doing 3000 rpm to hit 70mph. It can lack grunt even in sport mode * I would probably have diesel next time*
Interior. No squeaks or rattles but handbrake takes 10 clicks to come on! I will have sorted next service.I still cannot dial using steering wheel phone button using I phone 4s. The red interior is great but suffered scratches in the rear scuffed by kids. * I would protect centre console in rest with tape if I had a young family* Rear door opening sills liable to being scratched if you have young kids. * I have protected sills with a good quality adhesive tape.* The handbrake is too far over to the passenger side. Items in the boot move about no available anchorage. *buy a boot tidy* It is dark inside,poor interior lighting * we have an LED torch on the key ring.
General. Do not be put off by small boot. We do a 2 week holiday to Corfu with 3 large cases for a family of4 by taking out the moulded trays in the boot,this gives huge boot if a little noisy on the trip to the airport.*I would spend the extra £600 and go for premium spec and get sat nav and reversing camera* Daisy has a rather large ass and reversing would be easier with this option* *Take out optional 3 year service plane real value*
Only today at a petrol station we were gawped at by a passer by. This is a great family car which is "different" my recommendation is buy one! but take note of my *!
I am happy to answer any questions
Kind Regards
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