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  1. Hi I have taken over my Brother’s Juke with 1.6 engine and cvt gearbox. Is it normal for the gearbox to rev very high in order to pull away from a milk cart or go uphill, It’s like driving a manual car with a slipping clutch . Our other car in a vw golf auto which responds and accelerates in a...
  2. Main Message Centre
    hi chaps not sure if anyone can help me i have had this nissan juke for about a year now with no probs at all then the other day my yellow engine management light came on witch sent my car in to limp mode lack of power going up hills i have since purchased a delphi diagnostic software to witch i...
  3. Hello everyone! It seems like the Juke, especially the 2013 model, has a problem with the air conditioning not working. The condenser is completely exposed, so it can be easily damaged by stones hitting it, making the pipe to crack. I was wondering if any of you who had the problem managed to...
  4. help! can anyone tell me why water runs down the accelerator pedal when i go thru the car wash. Dealer took car apart but could find nothing. He told me to change out the windshield so that is what I did ($480.00). Washed the car after 2 weeks with new windshield, water still running down the...
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